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We are ambitious and make no secret of it. Backed by our network of Explorers, we offer our clients a 360° business management solution. With a backpack full of technical skills, in-depth expertise and a healthy dose of guts, we do everything for those we serve.

But beyond expertise and technical skills, we want to stand out from the crowd! That's why we focus not only on the project, but even more on the people behind the project AND your customers. Our open communication and intensive collaboration will leave a lasting impression on you, your employees and your customers and ensure that everyone has the right perception of what your company or product stands for.

It is no secret that one of the most important categories of a target audience are our young people. They are the most critical and trendy eyes, who often still have strong opinions and are therefore the most difficult to convince. That is why our network has built up very close links with all kinds of associations, clubs and schools over the years. Through various initiatives, we invest in their welfare, but in return we ask them to be the right sounding board when we present our campaigns and ideas.


Caro Denys
Co-Founder LookyLooky
Marketing - Sales - Eventing

Meet Caro, a talented marketing and sales specialist with a reputation for creativity, strategy and thinking outside the box. With a strong educational background and top-notch training, Caro has all the tools to continue to succeed in this competitive field.

Whether it's developing a new marketing strategy with a creative campaign, or organising an event or incentive to build customer loyalty and increase sales, Caro is always up for the challenge.

The foundations of her talents have been laid at Mercedes, the VMA Group, Unilever and the Bolton Group, among others.



Didier Droyers
Co-Founder LookyLooky
Business Development - Strategy - Management

Didier is a business manager with over 20 years of experience in various sectors. His assertive and pragmatic approach enables him to get things done effectively and efficiently. He is an analytical thinker with a wealth of strategic ideas, and his ability to see things in a fresh way helps him to tackle the most complex business challenges.

A successful track record and a wealth of expertise make Didier a valuable partner for any organisation, one who doesn't throw sand in the eyes and simply tells it like it is.

His diversity is reflected in the companies he has worked for, including BMW, Michelin, TEXACO, Adecco, Salons De Romree, State of Trade, Avenir Telecom, etc.



Jordy Sabels
Sales - Coach - Sustainability

Meet Jordy, an experienced sales and sustainability expert and trainer with an irrefutable track record in the travel sector, the social sector and festivals. His extensive network within the political landscape as well as the youth sector make him a true all-rounder in coaching teams of all kinds. His adaptability and drive bring out the best in your people and encourage them to initiate positive and sustainable change themselves. Jordy therefore strongly believes in the power of people, who all play their part within the success of the company or organisation. This dedicated coach helps companies and organisations create a positive and widely supported culture that enables further growth and development.



Luc Vanhecke
Co-Founder IXPOLE
Sales Management - Hospitality 

Luc is a born business manager with a proven track record in sales and technology. Throughout his international career, he has built on his exceptional leadership skills, consistently achieving success in managing teams and driving business growth.

He has an extensive international network in the banking, software and sports sectors and is now one of the true experts in the hospitality industry. Through innovative and proprietary automation and optimisation techniques, untapped revenue streams are exploited, while your customers experience a true VIP customer journey.


Laurent Moeremans
Founder AMPP
Creative Graphic Designer

This is Laurent, master of graphic design. A true globetrotter with a passion for all kind of visuals, he has a real eagle eye when it comes to new influences, techniques and international trends. His great empathy for the client, the brand, the product and the target group always leads to designs that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are creative and effective in conveying a message. He will always find the right symbiosis between his visuals, your brand and your customers!

These clients have been relying on him on a permanent basis for years: Unilever, Belviva, Schweppes, Iglo, Materne, Qiqo, The Bolton group, ...


Thierry De Vynck
Digital Marketing - Socials Expert

Let’s send your marketing back to the future !

Meet Thierry, our digital marketing and social media expert.  As a pioneer, he was one of the first inbound marketing experts in Belgium. His work has helped many companies in Belgium to transform and adopt digital marketing. Able to develop and implement results-oriented online marketing strategies, Thierry is particularly passionate about social media and constantly keeps abreast of the latest trends and best practices.

An experienced communicator and team player, he always gets the best out of your people.


Koen Padis
Founder MAQIS Consult
Accounting - Fiscal Expert

This is Koen, our financial and tax expert with a people-oriented and straightforward approach. Koen is known for his expertise in financial audits and his ability to find solutions to complex problems.

Throughout his career, Koen has helped many organisations to manage and optimise their financial performance. His dynamism allows him to identify areas for improvement and develop the most appropriate strategy to maximise your profitability.

Koen considers it extremely important to be able to work closely with clients and colleagues to better understand their needs and provide the best solutions.


Patrick Vandermaesen
Founder Andromede
Webmaster - Webbuilder - CRM

Meet Patrick, our talented website builder and designer with a proven track record in the industry. For 14 years, Patrick was the head of services at the European Parliament. His experience as an IT marketer and his passion for creativity make him the ideal partner for web platforms. Patrick is a firm believer in the power of elegant and well-designed websites, with a focus on ease of use.

In addition to his technical skills, Patrick is also a creative thinker who is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the user experience.


+ 1000 younsters
Universities, schools, associations & youth movements


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